Molecular Profiling

Molecular profiling deals with the identification and documentation of the structure of a specific DNA, RNA, or protein molecule, generally for the purpose of diagnosing biochemical and genetic disorders. The overall examination of gene and protein expression profiles at the genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic levels is an evolving encouraging tool for novel diagnosis techniques. The accomplishment of the Human Genome Project, prompt developments in bioinformatics, the application of innovative tools like mass spectroscopy and array analysis which allows instantaneous high throughput investigation of thousands of molecules and occurrence of new treatment options like targeted therapy, compelled the confinement of universal exploration permits for a supplementary comprehensive indulgent of the malignant process.

  • Molecular profiling in cancer diagnosis
  • Molecular profiling in genetic disorders
  • Molecular profiling in mutational disorders
  • Molecular profiling through genomic approach
  • Molecular profiling through transcriptomic approach
  • Molecular profiling through proteomic approach
  • Advances in molecular profiling
  • Molecular profiling in drug development

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