Molecular Pathology in Viral Infection

The use of molecular tests for the diagnosis of viral infections is increasing, because of the improved sensitivity and fast result providing capability of these tests. A diversity of molecular techniques is now available for the identification and quantification of viral pathogens. Molecular diagnostic tools for viral testing have investigated a rapid improvement during the last years and have been introduced in the majority of laboratories as a new way for the diagnosis of human pathogens like HIV, HPV, Zika Virus etc. These molecular techniques has reduced the use of other techniques such as viral culture based methods and serological assays in the clinical virology laboratory. Amplified and non-amplified nucleic acid techniques, PCR based techniques, microarrays, target amplification techniques are some of the advanced molecular techniques used for diagnosing viral infection.

  • Molecular techniques for identification of virus
  • Molecular diagnosis of viral respiratory disease
  • Molecular diagnosis for viral infection in the nervous system
  • Molecular diagnosis for gastrointestinal virus
  • Molecular diagnosis for viral skin infection
  • Molecular diagnosis for foodborne viral infection
  • Molecular diagnosis for sexually transmitted viral infections
  • Molecular diagnosis for other viral infection
  • Zika Virus Infection

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