Molecular Pathology in Immunology and Vaccination

Immune deficiency disorders are a group of diseases related with a genetic inclination to persistent infections, distortion, autoimmunity and allergy. The molecular base of numerous of these syndromes has been acknowledged in the last two decades. Most of these immunological disorders are inherited as a single gene defects. Classifying the original genetic defect plays a critical part in patient supervision together with diagnosis, predictive information, prenatal diagnosis and is valuable in describing new diseases. The clinical effectiveness of these molecular diagnostic tests offers an extensive variety of treatment and vaccine development. Several molecular tests are performed for diagnosing immunological disorders which are gene therapy, nucleic acid amplification based methods, use of DNA probes and other hybridization methods.

  • Molecular diagnosis for autoimmune disorders
  • Molecular diagnosis for primary immunodeficiency disorders
  • Molecular diagnosis for secondary immunodeficiency disorders
  • Molecular diagnosis for immunodeficiency disorders causing allergy
  • Molecular techniques for vaccine development

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