Molecular Pathology in Cancer Diagnosis

The discovery of germline and somatic mutations present in different cancers existed due to the recent advances in genomic studies. Treatments and therapies selected for cancer patients are no longer based on histopathological techniques for analysing tumors. The role of pathologists in using these molecular techniques in diagnosis and the availability of laboratories to perform these tests had lead cancer treatment to a new level. It includes novel techniques and methods for treatment of different Cancer, targeted therapy, delivery methods for on going molecular tests to patients. These improvements conveyed about a standard shift in the way we define cancer and in our information of cancer biology. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, cancer was defined by the demonstration of incursion and metastases based on unsophisticated discoveries at surgery or dissection. Expansions in molecular pathology during the 20th century empowered more accurate perceptions to progress and be implemented in clinical practice.

  • Advances in cancer pathology
  • Molecular pathology in lung cancer
  • Molecular pathology in breast cancer
  • Molecular pathology in colorectal cancer
  • Molecular pathology in gastric cancer
  • Molecular pathology in prostate cancer
  • Molecular pathology in skin cancer
  • Tumor pathology
  • Molecular diagnosis of other cancer

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